#003 – 14 Best Ways to Sell Your Stuff for COLD HARD CASH (would change, but also im a teen so…

GET RID OF STUFF In our previous posts, we have mentioned that we had to sell and get rid of a lot of stuff before we go full time in our RV. And being we spent multiple years selling on various sites, I thought we ought to make a post about our experience with different […]

#002 – Inspire and Make A Difference in Someone Else’s Life

WHY WRITE A BLOG? Throughout my life I’ve always wanted to encourage and inspire people; even making a small positive difference in someone else’s life is very rewarding. Chuck and I have experience this joy with teaching our students. It’s amazing being able to further someone’s dream of being a musician. For those of you who […]

#001 – The Dream of Full Time RVing

BLOG POST #001 THE BEGINNING How did we make the decision to become full time RVers? It all started sometime in early 2016; our youngest daughter, Kaysie, was soon to graduate from high school, and we wanted to move out of Minnesota once she did. However, we didn’t have a clear destination in mind. Chuck […]