Our First Week Full Time RVing
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Our full time RVing adventure started when we pulled out of the driveway May 31, 2019 at 8:43 pm. We said goodbye to Maple Plain, Minnesota for good. This was it! The moment that our lives changed forever!


Wait what? We moved back home, with my parents that is….lol. My parents live in Buffalo, Minnesota; we wanted to stay there for two more weeks to make sure everything was working with the house for our new tenants. 

Both of us were so exhausted from all the emotion of getting ready to leave. Finally the day was here. Then, as soon as we parked our RV at my parents, we took a two hour nap.

Once we got up, we spent an hour or so organizing and cleaning so we could start to be comfortable in our new setting. After we were settled, we took a few moments to notice how still and beautiful everything was.

MORNING BIRDS – The first RVing Life Sign

We woke up, after our first night without a traditional home, to birds chirping. At that moment, we knew we were going to love this. Every new place we will go, we will experience something different, something amazing!

My parents live on a lake; I had never lived on the water before, but now, I have the opportunity to do it whenever I choose. Water has a way of cleansing your mind (and soul) in a way like no other. Water is healing and magical all at the same time.


Don Tempe Field

Don Tempe Field

5050 Independence St
Maple Plain, MN 55359

The very next day we decided to celebrate so we went back to Maple Plain, Minnesota for Maple Plain Days. What? After living in Maple Plain for my entire life you’d think I would never want to go back. However, when we went to Maple Plain Days it was very nostalgic, even having moved only yesterday.

At Maple Plain Days, people from all surrounding cities came together to enjoy this day as a community. Everyone there seemed to forget their worries and just had fun together.

A good friend of mine, Tanya, was there and invited us to come see her husband play. Tom is the drummer of the band Red Dot Garage; they’ve been playing music for many many years together and are a pretty darn good band.


Mcgarrys Pup Maple Plain MN

5189 Main St E
Maple Plain, MN 55359

After the Maple Plain Days celebration we decided to go out with my mom to McGarry’s. One of our favorite restaurants in the area. My mom and I had the shepherd’s pie. It’s my favorite. Chuck had the Williams Wings which is one of his favorites. I also love the Irish Rolls. Yum! I am actually missing eating there just thinking about it.

Everyone around us had questions about our new RVing lifestyle, even though it had just begun. The people closest to us had a hard time adjusting too. Here’s a funny story for the night. My mom drove tonight to the Maple Plain Days, and she was thinking, “Oh gosh I got to go bring Chuck and Sandi home then I have to drive myself back to Buffalo.” Well funny enough our house is at their house now, and we all had a good laugh together.


At the beginning of each day I write 5 things that will go right for the day. They won’t always show up in the blog posts but I want to encourage you to write your 5 things that will go right today in the comments below and/or start your own journal. By doing this daily my day always seems to go better. What are your 5 things that will go right today? 

#1 – We left!! RVing is the best and we’ve only begun our journey.

#2 – We met our new renters. They seem nice.

#3 – We had great farewell conversations with all our neighbors

#4 – We got more settled in and organized  the camper.

#5 – We had a great night at Maple Plain days.

It was a great week. Plus I got to talk to our daughters Hayley and Kaysie which always brightens my week.


If you are planning on full time RVing, organize your camper the best that you can before you leave. However, know that you really don’t need to be crazy organized, because you will end up changing things around once you live in the camper for a week. We are still moving things around as we go.


What are some great organization tips you have used to help stay organized in your camper?


You’re invited to post your positive experiences to encourage, inspire, and/or help others.

Have fun and remember, this is a complaint free zone. 


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Thanks for the love and support,

Chuck and Sandi  

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