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Meet our RV
“Midnight” Take the Journey!


We purchase our RV in 2013, a 2011 Forest River Sunseeker Class C with the bunkhouse 3170DS. I had searched for this specific model for about 5 to 6 months before we purchased it. We wanted the bunk house for the girls and the space above the cab for our instruments and of course we wanted the jamming space in case it rained at a festival. Those were the main things for us.

At that time we were playing so many shows and I was getting tired of having to take 4 trips into the hotel rooms with all our instruments, cooler, food, clothes, etc. We stayed at everything from the nicest mansions to the cockroach motels. You just never knew where an event organizer was gonna put you up. One night after I slept in the bathtub because there was insulation particles from a previous construction worker, apparently the sheets hadn’t been washed, I have had enough of sleeping in hotels. Ohhhh the stories I could go on.

We really just wanted our own space and didn’t want to leave the festival because I suffered from FOMO (Fear of missing out). Also if we had any drinks at the festival we didn’t want to drive.  


The name Midnight comes from a few different places. One is our magical night at the Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival in Indiana, where Chuck and I had a moment right around midnight where we ended up in this hollar and the two of us jammed together. There were people all around us listening and watching. Sorta like in Snow White were she is laying on the ground and all the animals peek out to see her. In this case everyone kept a long enough distance away where we know they were there but could barely see them. We just faced every other and sang one song after another. The moon was full and really bright. It was one of the best nights we ever had playing music together.

Ever since that night, we tried to recreate a moment like that at every festival we go to.

Another reason why we wanted to name our RV “Midnight” is because of all the jams we’ve had in our RV and/or around a fire by our RV at midnight. So here is a toast to anyone out there that has been in our RV around midnight.  

Midnight also represents a day. A day ending or beginning of adventure, exciting, exploring, living, loving, dreaming, hoping, being present by living in the moment, to be inspired or to inspire someone else, also seeing beauty all around us wherever we are.

Whether your day is over or just beginning live it like it is your last. Be happy and positive it’s infectious. 


Engine – Triton / V10 6.8 litres

Chassis Brand – Ford

Chassis Model – E450

Cylinders – 10

Horsepower – 305 hp @ 4,250 RPM

Torque – 420 ft-lbs. @ 3,250 RPM

Fuel Type – Gas

TorqShift – 5 Speed Automatic – Overdrive
Length – 32.25 ft. (387 in.)

Width – 8.42 ft. (101 in.)

Height – 11.25 ft. (135 in.)

Interior Height – 7 ft. (84 in.)

Wheelbase – 18.33 ft. (220 in.)

Dry Weight – 12,650 lbs.

Payload Capacity – 1,850 lbs.

Towing Capacity – 5,000 lbs.

GVWR – 14,500 lbs.

Fuel Capacity – 55.0 gal.
Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity – 44.0 gal.
Total Gray Water Tank Capacity – 30.0 gal.
Black Water Tank Capacity – 30.0 gal.
Total Propane Tank Capacity – 9.8 gal.