#001 – The Dream of Full Time RVing

Full TIme Rving



How did we make the decision to become full time RVers? We knew we wanted to go full time RVing years ago, but were a little wishy washy about making the decision to take a leap of faith.


It all started sometime in early 2016; our youngest daughter, Kaysie, was soon to graduate from high school, and we wanted to move out of Minnesota once she did. However, we didn’t have a clear destination in mind.

Chuck and I liked the idea of traveling around the US and were already living on the road almost every weekend playing music festivals since 2003. It started making more and more sense for us to become full time RVers. We traveled, taught, and performed in the 7 states all near and around Minnesota. We thought it would be fun to play more music and do this full time, but wasn’t really sure if it would be possible. The exciting question kept coming up: Are we really going to do this?

This blog shows the start of it all: the life to a new found freedom; the excitement of venturing into the unknown.


Later in 2016, Hayley, our oldest daughter, said “Mom, you been talking about traveling forever, just set a date that way you will work towards it.” She was the one that pushed the door wide open and has made us be accountable to follow this dream and make it a reality. Our youngest daughter Kaysie was supportive as well.

After pondering full time RVing a long time, we finally (as our girls said) set the leave date to January 1st of 2019. At least that was our goal, we still had a lot of stuff (literally) to get in order before we left for the road.


After setting the date, we started working towards making this dream real. This showed up in various aspects of our lives:

We had to build the confidence to leave everything we know behind and embark on this journey. Tough questions had to be answered like:

Can we afford full-time RVing? How are we going to make money on the road? Are we gonna be able to do this? Will we like it, and if not, what will we do then? Should we sell our house or rent it out?

Despite all of these questions and doubts, we were able to come up with and were ok with the idea of “we’ll figure it out when we get there.” It turns out that we love it and don’t ever plan on doing anything else.

We continued to work towards our goal of leaving on January 1st of 2019, and spent the next few years selling everything we owned. After collecting antiques since 1990, we had a lot to get rid of and it was an overwhelming task. The two and a half car garage, the house, and the studio was full of stuff, but we were committed to our dream and so we sold and got rid of it all. The only things we had left were the things we could fit comfortably in our RV, and honestly having minimal items is a huge stress reliever.


We didn’t end up leaving on this date. And that was okay. We still had a few more things to get in order and wanted to leave comfortably without too much hast. But we were ready to start our journey. We officially moved into our RV on May 31st and stayed in Minnesota while the temperature was still really comfortable. It will be nice to stay close to our girls and family for a few month before traveling to distant lands but once the snow flies then we are outta here, lol. No more snow shoveling!
In every blog post I will try to have a Pro Tip and a Question of the Day for all of us to learn from each other on this blog.


Your dreams are possible, but you have to believe and work toward them. Make a plan and have small goals that are easy to achieve. If you’re constantly having success, the path will be much easier. You don’t have to see the entire path to get to the end goal, trust in the reality of your new future and and work hard to get there. Light will be shed on the stuff you don’t know and quite honestly, we’re still figuring stuff out every day.

Whatever your dream is, more than likely there’s already someone already living or doing it. Take the initiative to learn something new from them, keep in mind the internet is a wealth of knowledge or sometimes it might be just asking a friend. If you were ever questioning whether you want to full time RV, you can always try it and if you hate it go back to your old way of life.


What are your dreams? Have you ever wanted to full time RV? Where do you want to go?


Please feel free to post your positive experiences to encourage, inspire, and/or help others.
Keep in mind this is a complaint free zone.


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Chuck and Sandi

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