Why write a blog?
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Why write a blog you may ask? Throughout my life, I’ve always wanted to encourage and inspire people. I believe that making a small, positive difference can alter the trajectory of someone’s life in a meaningful way.

Chuck and I have experienced this joy while teaching our students. It’s amazing being able to further someone’s dream of becoming a musician. For those of you who are new to the Chuck and Sandi blog, Chuck and I are full time traveling musicians/RVers. Additionally, we have our website Lesson Pros which is a music education website. Furthermore, we are able to continue to teach private lessons via Skype.

Along with teaching, we wanted to share our RVing adventure with the world in hopes that it will inspire others to follow their dreams. And what better way to do that than with a blog?


Starting wasn’t as easy as one would think, at least not for us. We really had no idea what we were doing, so, like any sane person would do, we Googled it. While looking at how to write a blog, we came across some blogs we really like, two of which were: Less Junk, More Journey and Wheeling It. Both of these couples have been very inspirational to making our dream of full time RVing a reality.

Once we had an idea of what we wanted our blog to look like, the whole concept still seemed daunting. Since we left, our goal was to journal everyday. Spoiler Alert: that didn’t happen. However, we soon realized that we did not need that pressure. We can process our journey in writing as frequently as we wish.

Now, we have 300 plus pages of notes in our Google Docs and not nearly enough blogs posted.

Inspired by our youngest daughter Kaysie, who is a fantastic writer, this blog is starting to come together. She has kicked me in the butt by saying, “Mom, you gotta get these posted. I will help you.” It is great to have people that can give you a little push when needed. Her support makes this journey so much more meaningful.


Looking back on my 300 pages of notes, a lot of them have to do with My 5 Things. These are the “5 Things That Will Go Right Today” (or whatever day I happened to have written them). These 5 things have been a really important part of my life, and have helped me through some difficult times.

People in general tend to focus on what is going wrong instead of what is going well in their lives. My daughters and I started doing our “Daily Five” in a group message while they were away in college. Almost every morning since we left on our journey we would send our 5 things that will go right today to each other. Anything works. For you, it may only be 3 things or maybe even 10 things. You can pick a number that works best for you.

Here is an example of one of my 5:

Today will be a great day!

#1 – We will make lots of progress with our business.

#2 – Chuck will work on a Bass course for Lessonpros.com

#3 – I will add BPM voice overdub to our backing tracks.

#4 – We will get new rental applications.

#5 – Hayley and Kaysie will have fun at the wedding.

Enjoy the day. Love you all! 🤠

In every blog I will try to inspire you with a pro tip and a question of the day to encourage interaction with positive people.


Today, be inspired. Do something you have never done before that you have always wanted to.
Stay focused on the positive and get rid of negative thoughts. I can almost guarantee your day will be better. 


What are your 5 things that will go right today?


You’re invited to post your positive experiences to encourage, inspire, and/or help others.

Have fun and remember, this is a complaint free zone. 


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Thanks for the love and support,

Chuck and Sandi  

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